WP-Scholars to Co-Lead Workshop at Center for Inquiry at Wabash College Nov. 4-6

Following a well-received workshop in March, 2016, the Center of Inquiry at Wabash College will again host a workshop to help institutional researchers, faculty, students, assessment leaders, and staff create and implement student-led focus groups to address institutional assessment questions. As in March, the Wabash-Provost Scholars will be helping to conduct this workshop, assisting teams of faculty and students from around the country in developing their own programs to conduct student-led inquiry around issues of institutional importance.  For more information about this workshop:


WP Scholars’ Assessment Work Highlighted in Inside Higher Ed Article

The Wabash-Provost Scholars were recognized in a recent Inside Higher Ed article for their work assessing the impact of a UNC-funded course redesign project at UNC-Greensboro. As noted in the article, “Undergraduate student researchers in the Wabash-Provost Scholars Program at North Carolina A&T State University in November 2015 conducted a dozen focus groups with more than 100 students at Greensboro (as well as one with the four faculty members involved in the project) to gauge their feelings about the redesigned courses.” The Inside Higher Ed article and Scholars’ assessment report are available at: